Wednesday, December 3, 2014

We Have Drywall!

We have drywall!

This was such a major step because our house now actually looks like a house!  The rooms are defined and I am excited to really get a sense of how things will flow for decorating purposes!

Looking at the living room from the kitchen

Entryway and hall closet

Half Bathroom--we are using reclaimed beadboard (found in my grandmother's barn) for the bottom half of the wall


Part of the Master Bathroom

Breakfast Nook

Stairwell.  Love how the windows turned out!

"rec room" area downstairs

One of the downstairs bathrooms.
In addition to drywall...we have porches!

View from the Back Deck

Back Deck

Screen Porch--Daniel helped build this porch (bragging on my muffin here!)

Up next we will be painting, installing stone, and finishing up the porches!

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  1. I am loving going through all these house posts of yours. We are almost neck and neck with our house stage right now. We will be picking out paint on Monday and I love the colors you picked.