Friday, December 12, 2014

Five on Friday

I can't believe it's already Friday!  I'm gearing up for another weekend of painting at our house.  Tonight, I am working a holiday party for my job.  It should be fun...I mean who doesn't love to wear a pretty party dress?

To start the weekend of right, I'm linking up with Christina for Five on Friday!


Luna officially has her own Christmas stocking!

I know I'm crazy, but my baby dogs get their own stockings for Santa Paws to fill with goodies!  Now that I have her stocking here, it's time to hunt the perfect treats and toys to fill it with!


One great thing about living in a 500 square foot apartment is that decorations are visible no matter where you are.  I love being able to enjoy the Christmas tree in the entire apartment.  I especially love enjoying it with a glass of wine!


Speaking of the Christmas tree, Each year I like to buy several of the same ornament to add to our collection.  This year I have my eye on this gorgeous ornament from Pottery Barn.

I'm keeping a watch on it to see if it the sale price goes down.  Pottery Barn tends to have pretty good deals on ornaments closer to the holidays!


School's out for summer 2014!  I officially wrapped up my last class for the semester!  I am looking forward to spending this extra free time reading books on my personal list!  I know I'm lame, but the Percy Jackson series is one of my favorites (it's the history buff in me).  I plan to finish the last (and latest) book, The Blood of Olympus, before classes start back in January (don't worry, I have plenty of "grown up" books on my list too).


They poured concrete!

I know, I know, this is a weird thing to be excited about.  To me, it signifies progress and that the end of the building process is in sight.  To Muffin, it signifies the one thing he wanted from our house!  When we were first drawing up plans, Daniel told our designer that all he wanted was a concrete patio to entertain on (he's silly, we know).  Well sweet Muffin--it's here!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


  1. Your tree looks beautiful!! And yes, decorations are definitely best enjoyed when wine is also involved :)

  2. You guys have so much fun stuff going on! Love your blog, found it on the link up.

  3. Hahaha I love that your fur babies have stockings! Ours do too..I know it's a little silly but we fill ours with treats in those puzzle toys so that while we are opening gifts, they have something to do too.