Friday, December 5, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you all had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend!  This week we kicked off the Christmas Season with buying a christmas tree and decorating our apartment.  While I swore I wasn't going to decorate for the holidays since we are going to move soon (and by soon I mean in the new year), I just couldn't help myself!

I've decided to link up with one of my favorite bloggers, Christina, for my first Five on Friday!


This week we've taken our sweet baby dogs for a walk by the lake every day.  It's been so relaxing and nice for our girls.  Daniel takes Luna running, while I walk the "twins."

I love where we live!  We can get some fresh air so easily and I love helping Luna get her puppy energy out.


Daniel and I had our annual visit to the local tree farm this week.  I can't wait to share our decorated Christmas tree with you!  As Clark Griswold would say, "Looks great, little full, lotta sap."

It's hard to find a tree that feels the right size in our apartment, but I definitely think we succeeded this year!


Benefit's Lip Tint aka Benetint.  

This is majorly on my Christmas List.  Love this stuff so much!  It makes your lips feel pretty without being sticky or too much!  The best part is you can put on a little bit for less color, or apply more to make a deeper shade.


Wireless headphones.  I really really want a pair to use at work.  Right now I use regular earbuds and hate being tethered to the computer.  I think a set of wireless headphones could really be a game-changer!

I have my eye on these.  They are around the average price for bluetooth headphones and stylish!  Plus Kate Spade usually has really great sales, so I'm hoping I can get a deal on them.


I'm thinking about painting the ceiling of our future dining room navy blue.  Since we have an open floor plan, I think the pop of color will divide the space and give it a more formal feel.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest
What are your thoughts?  Does anybody have a good Navy Blue paint suggestion?

As you can tell, I'm about to spend my weekend thinking about paint!  What are you doing?

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