Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Stocking Stuffers for Men

Daniel is one of the easiest and the hardest people to shop for at Christmas time.  I say that because I always know what he likes (and wants) making it easy to find his "main" gift.  However, filling a stocking with things that are sure to make him smile can be a challenge.  If your husbands are as difficult as mine to shop stocking stuffers for, here are a few last minute ideas.

  1. Wallet Multi Tool  This multi tool is great because it's slim enough to fit in a wallet and has tons of fun gadgets!
  2. Lip Balm  Muffin's lips are always dry in the winter.  This brand is supposed to be great for men and freshens breath.
  3. Cuff Link Jump Drive  I've always thought these were super cool.  It's definitely a 007 way to bring a presentation to a meeting!
  4. Scalp Massager These things are amazing.  Daniel loves to have his head scratched!
  5. Corksickle Beer Chiller For those times that your beers just aren't cold--this gets them frosty in a jiffy without watering down your beer.
  6. Christmas Tree Cakes It just isn't Christmas for my sweet muffin without a Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake!
  7. Mini Bottles I always like to grab a few mini bottles of Daniel's favorite bourbon to put in his stocking.
  8. Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack  We love Cards Against Humanity, but every now and then you need to spice it up!  The expansion pack is perfect for this and fits nicely in a stocking!
As you can tell, I love Amazon Prime for all of my last minute stocking stuffers!  Happy shopping!

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