Monday, December 15, 2014

Our Weekend

Another Monday is here!  I'm sad to see the weekend go (we got so much done at the house), but am also excited to start the last week of work before the holidays!

As I mentioned last week, we spent Friday night working in a winter wonderland for my job.

 We had a great time at the party...I mean who wouldn't?  We got gussied up and worked the check-in table before we were released from our duties to party with all of the guests.  It was a great night to have fun and relax before starting another long weekend of painting!

Saturday Daniel and I were the only ones out at our house painting, so the progress was a little bit slower--we only got 2 rooms complete (though they were big rooms).  We decided to bring the puppies along to keep us company.

Our little furbabies made great helpers and the job felt like it went quickly!  The secret to my success is listening to audiobooks while I paint.  It keeps my mind busy during the monotonous task.

Sunday found us painting again, but this time with the help of Daniel's parents (a big shout out and THANK YOU).   Once we ran out of paint (be impressed, we went through 8 gallons), we called it quits at the house.  Since we we will be installing interior doors and trim this week, Daniel and I rounded the troops at my parents' house and set out in search of reclaimed beadboard for the half bathroom (thank you to my family!!!).  We headed to the barn and hit the reclaimed wood jackpot!

This is ALL beadboard!
My grandmother is one smart lady and decided to keep the beadboard from a house that was being torn down in our small town.  She just couldn't bear to see the beautiful wood thrown away, and I'm so thankful she kept it all this time!

My Mom and Muffin sorting the boards.
My sister Georgia and her sweet boyfriend Spencer hard at work!
My dad grabbing more boards
Georgia carrying boards 10 times her size! 

We got tons of material and left even more!  I have visions of projects going through my head :)

Even though I'm exhausted and feel like I need another weekend, I am so thankful we got so much done and appreciate our families helping us work on our home!

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  1. Grandparents are the best place to go to to find -whatever- you need! The reclaimed bead board is fantastic!