Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Monday Musings...On Tuesday

Happy Monday Tuesday everyone!!  We had a BUSY weekend!  I took Monday to recover, and as you might've realized, I also didn't post Week 10's house update!   Today is actually Daniel's Birthday (which I will post about later this week) so I've been prepping/crafting for that as well as trying to get in some time with family!

Here's a sneak peek at what's been going on at the house....WINDOWS AND DOORS!

And here is our weekend in review:

On Friday, we went out to dinner with Daniel's family and then headed out to Spittoono XXXIV.  Spittoono is a Music Festival held each year that has free admission and all proceeds on Beer, T-Shirts etc. goes to local charities.  We try to go every year because it's fun and laid back.

Our nieces Emily and Amanda waiting for some music.
Our niece Amanda
This year, however, I didn't even make it to the last act at Spittoono!  I was completely exhausted and we left a little bit early!


Daniel rode his bike on Saturday...A LOT.  I spent this time reading, cleaning, and doing laundry.  I know it sounds boring, but I feel like I accomplished tons!

Daniel's mom snapped a picture of him on their ride!  Isn't he so cute?

Saturday evening, Daniel and I had a date night.  We went out to eat and opted for a 9:45 pm movie.  I just need a soapbox for a moment...whatever happened to an 8:00 movie?  It gave you plenty of time to go out to eat and get to the theater!  These days movies start AT dinner (6-7 pm) or the middle of the night!  Off the soapbox now!

We saw If I Stay.  I read the book a while ago and wanted to see the movie!  It was good, but I felt like the movie version spent a lot of time trying to make you cry and I really wasn't that emotional in the book.  Daniel gets two husband gold stars:  1. for seeing the movie in the first place 2. for being seen in public with me as I openly weep.

Our next movie will be a book we both love:  The Giver.  However, I will probably openly weep in that one as well!

Sunday was the 2nd Birthday of Lucy and Lola!  As you can already tell, I love celebrations and this milestone couldn't go unrecognized!  We had a mini party for them in the yard complete with Easy Cheese cakes and presents.

Lucy and Lola enjoying their "Cheese"cakes and toys!

Luna partaking in the "Cheese"cake
I also spent the day baking cakes for Daniel and a friend at work.  I managed to finish all of my birthday shopping for Daniel and craft some as well!

Throughout the weekend, I was also doing some reading for my Master's Class.  Tonight is my first class session and I'm a little bit excited because I'm a nerd.  

How was your weekend?

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