Friday, August 1, 2014

Building Time Lapse Week 7

Week 7 is here!  Framing is almost complete making this the most exciting week of building so far!  The house has really taken shape and you can really get the "feel" of the house as you walk around the rooms!  Muffin and I have been out to the house almost every. single. day. because we cannot contain our excitement over the progress!

Muffin standing in the master bedroom
What happens when Muffin becomes the photographer
Living room view before wall framing
Basement Bedroom #2
Apparently our framers are BIG fans of Lemon Lime Beer Salt!
Back of house after basement is framed
Top floor framed up!
My niece Kaitlin posing on the porch!
Master Bedroom
View from living room
Back of house with main floor framed out!

Week 7's video features my favorite song of the moment!

Thanks for following along with our progress!


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