Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In Love With...Turquoise

First, I want to say Happy Anniversary to my parents!  You two are amazing and I appreciate you teaching me how to have a long and happy relationship!

This week I'm really loving the color Turquoise.  I know most people associate the bright color with spring, but for me it's very versatile and and works for all seasons.  It's a great transition color from Summer to Fall!  Below are some of the Turquoise inspired items I love right now!

1. This stone necklace.  It is different, fun, and has just the right amount of turquoise in the stones to make it pop!  I absolutely love statement jewelry--it can make a white shirt and jeans a fresh, new look.

2. Turquoise nail polish.  Butter makes the best nail polish and I LOVE it in this color.  Your nails have a subtle pop of color and lasts longer than other polishes.

3. Basil Hand Soap.  It smells amazing and leaves your hands soft and is so much better than a traditional soap for the environment.  What's even better, is that it comes in a cute dispenser!

4. Double Bar Necklace.  Though it's not turquoise in color, I think gold pairs really well with it.  If turquoise isn't your thing, this necklace goes with just about anything!

5. Mason Jar Measuring Cups. These adorable measuring cups stack up to make a sweet little mason jar.  What's even better about them is that you can leave them on your counter and are easily accessible while still looking great!

6. Wild Prairie Print Shirt Dress.  I'm wearing it today because I love it THAT much!  It's a flattering shape and has so many colors that it's versatile.

7. This Black Lacquer Box.  I love small boxes that can house special memories while still looking chic!  This one is especially cute and would be a great addition to my collection and decor.

These are all things that I'm loving right now!  What's your favorite color of the moment?

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