Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Update

It's Monday again!  It is so cold and yucky out today that it was almost impossible to get out of the bed!  It doesn't help that I'm a touch jet lagged from traveling.  I spent most of the weekend on a plane, but am so happy to be home (I think the puppies were happy too...they showered me in kisses when I walked in the door).  Our weekend was pretty low key and just what I needed.

On Friday, I was still in California.  I spent the evening reading a book and having a glass of wine in the hotel courtyard.  Daniel sent me this seriously cute photo of the dogs and it made me antsy to get on my plane the next morning!

As mentioned, Saturday was spent flying home.  I love traveling, but hate feeling cooped up in airports when I have a long layover.  I walked several laps around my terminal while listening to an audiobook just to keep from going stir crazy.

Little boxes on the hillside...
As soon as Daniel picked me up, we headed to the Melting Pot on a date.  A delicious meal with my sweet Muffin was just what I needed!

On Sunday, we headed to a friend's barn to look for a beam to use as a mantel.  The house/barn were built circa 1907 and the wood they are giving us is absolutely gorgeous!  (THANK YOU TERI AND BILLY!!!)

It looks like it's going to rain all week and I'm not excited for the delay that will put on the house--we were supposed to start exterior rock!  There are tons of projects inside the house, however, so here's to hoping we get a lot done!

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