Monday, January 26, 2015


Last week was just not my week.  I had a bout of food poisoning AND ended up in the emergency room.  I am definitely glad today is the start of a fresh new week!

Thursday night my sweet husband was coming home from a business trip and I was cooking him dinner.  I was going to use a pyrex dish and went to grab it from the cabinet.  In a freak accident I dropped the dish and it shattered, putting a large gash in my leg right above my knee.  I remember looking down and thinking oh sh*t.  I was home alone and couldn't figure out where I put my phone.  It was time to problem solve.  I used a dish towel to staunch the bleeding and managed to get to my computer to face time Daniel (on the interstate) and my Mom.  They both broke all sorts of laws to get to me and get me to the hospital.  I got some wonderful care and am now all stitched up and have been ordered to take it easy.  I was in bed with my leg elevated most of the weekend--thank goodness for Netflix.

The below picture basically sums up my weekend:

Here's to a new and uneventful week!

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