Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Review: Dove Dry Spray

I was recently sent a sample of Dove Dry Spray by a company called Influenster.  When I found out that they were sending me a product to test I was extremely excited...I was even more excited that the tester is full sized!

I've used Dove stick deodorant since I was in high school and was a little hesitant to switch up my antiperspirant routine, but since this product was also Dove I knew if any product could make me change, it would be this one.  Dove Dry Spray is a 48 hour non-irritant antiperspirant and doesn't look like your average deodorant.  It comes in a metal aerosol can that houses enough product to last up to eight weeks!

To use, first shake well.  You have to hold the can six inches from your underarm (but I don't think holding it closer does any harm.  I tried it from closer and it just makes the spray a little thick).  My one complaint about the product is that you have to press down pretty hard to get the sprayer to work.  It disperses evenly and has a pleasant scent, but it's a little strong for me--I'm really weird about my scents.  I did a little research and was excited to see that my standard deodorant scent is also available in this product and can't wait to officially make the switch.

Verdict:  I really like this Dove Dry Spray.  My biggest complaints are about the scent (but that's just me being weird) and the hard to press lid.  It works really well and leaves your underarms feeling soft and dry.  The thing I dislike about regular deodorant is that it cakes on.  I also love that the Dry Spray doesn't get on your clothes--because it really is dry!

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