Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Musings

Happy Monday everyone!

Today I'm traveling BACK to San Francisco, but this time for work.  We spent our weekend resting at home and hanging out with some of our favorite people.


Friday night I worked late at a Gala for work.  This particular event gives out the highest award our University bestows on an individual.  I always look forward to it because the decor is so over the top and fun!

The Stage.
Entire room.
Head table looking at the stage.
After I got home from work, I went out to dinner with Daniel and his best friend.  We went to our favorite italian place because I was in the mood for good wine and hearty food!  

Their Chiantis are great, but the Garlic knots are sinfully delicious!


On Saturday, Daniel went for a bike ride while I cleaned up the house and did a load of laundry.  He spent the afternoon marinating and cooking the dove he got while hunting on Labor Day.  

The final product was wrapped in  bacon and stuffed with Jalapeño and Cream Cheese.  We paired it with a suggested wine from our trip ( A 2012 Charbono from Kachina).  The final meal was amazing!


Sunday we watched the movie Bottle Shock (yes I know I'm out of control with the wine love right now) and decorated for Halloween.  While I know it's early, I just can't help myself.

A Halloween Home Tour is in the works soon!

I hope you all have a great week!  I can't wait to be home from my travels and back with my sweet husband and fur children!

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