Friday, September 12, 2014

Building Our Home Weeks 10-12

So, all of our travel has set us back a few weeks on house updates!  I definitely owe everyone some new pictures! A lot has happened since we last updated everyone.  We have the majority of our windows installed, shingles, AND they've started plumbing and electric.

Before Shingles

Looking into the living room.  The top windows will be in very soon!

Looking into the breakfast nook area.

Looking into the dining room area.

Master Bathroom windows.  Corner tub will be right below them!

Master Bedroom

Back view before clean up!


Lighting for Kitchen is starting to go in.

Plumbing for my vanity in the Master Bathroom.

Starting to frame out our windows.
Next week we will start putting up the Hardie Boards!  I can't wait to see that Builder's wrap covered up!

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