Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I'm Back!

Hi Everyone!

I know you missed me!  We are officially back from our trip and getting our schedules going again.  Our California journey took us so many places that I thought I would break that down to three posts over the next few weeks (San Francisco, Sonoma, Redwoods/Morgan's Wedding).  So stay tuned for that.

For now, I will give some updates about what happened leading up to our trip.  The Thursday before Labor Day, our sweet baby Luna graduated from her first puppy class.

I'm so proud of her and she's made so much progress since we started.  She still generally only takes commands from me (and sometimes Daniel), but we are working on it!  Luna starts her intermediate class in mid-September.  I love that particular class because they really move from puppy energy to semi-grown ups and learn really useful commands.

We spent Labor Day weekend with friends and family.  Friday night, one of our best friends came to visit and we made tacos and watched movies.  It was a nice, relaxing evening.  On Saturday, we celebrated my niece Amanda's 7th birthday with an Olaf themed birthday party!  She had a great time and snow cones were enjoyed by all!

My mother-in-law hosted and decorated it all!  She had the cutest food!

That night, Daniel had another birthday celebration for his 29th with my parents.  Sunday, we loaded up into the car and headed out towards the mountains to see the Southern Living Showcase home.  Since we are building, I loved seeing how the "professionals" build and decorate a home.

Monday found us at the annual dove hunt on the farm.  While I don't partake in the actual hunting, the food is wonderful!  Maggie, the construction site mascot aka my parent's dog, had a great time in the sunshine.

Picture stolen from my dad's facebook :)
To end this post, I want to give special thanks to Stephanie Gimlin at How Sweet Designs for Farm to Fête's new look!  She made the design process so easy and I think the new look really is more representative of me!

PS- check back for house updates and posts about our trip!


  1. Oh so you didn't have dinner on Sunday for your sweet sister's birthday?? Tear!

    1. On sunday evening, we celebrated my sweet sister's birthday!

      There now it's official ;)