Thursday, September 25, 2014

Catching Up

Hi Everyone!

It's been a crazy few weeks of business travel for me!  I wanted to catch up with what's been going on with us!  I feel like time is flying and I'm just hanging on by fingernails :)  Things will slow down soon and my travel should be over for a while.

Here are some pictures of the last few weeks:

San Francisco (the work trip, not the vacation)

Last week I traveled to San Francisco for an event.  It was a whirlwind trip, so I spent most of the time at the hotel catching up on work.  However, I did get to enjoy this gorgeous view from the hotel's outdoor dining/relaxing space.

Watching airplanes land.

Enjoying breakfast by the bay.
The event space was gorgeous and they already had a lot of orange outdoor décor.  The crowd was a great size and really seemed to enjoy themselves.

Weekend Fun

Last weekend, my Aunt Joy and Uncle Walker came to visit. After the week's travels, it was nice to spend time with family members I don't get to see as much as I would like to!  We had some great food (prepared by my dad who could truly be a chef) and Walker brought some AMAZING wine!  After our trip to Sonoma, I think I appreciate wine even more!

Me with my sweet uncle!

My mom had me make this little cheese spread.  Clearly I am proud of how it turned out ;)
Once we got back from my parents, I spent TONS of time with my dogs.  Sometimes I just feel like they don't get enough attention when our schedule is busy.  We had a great time together playing all afternoon!

All 3 being so sweet.

They love their new zombie hand toy!

Georgetown Work Trip

This week, I was in Georgetown for work.  We were dedicating a building with 3 consecutive events (so 3 events in 1 day = insanity).  I should've known things were going to go a little haywire when I started off my first travel day with sick dogs.  Luna had an upset tummy.  All I can gracefully say about the experience is that it was horrifying.  In addition to that, Lucy had a problem with one of her eyes.  The poor thing couldn't see out of one of them from swelling.  I was late getting to work just cleaning those two up!

If that wasn't awful enough, once we got to Georgetown, the weather decided to be terrible and POUR all. day. long.  The events were outside to showcase the beautiful grounds of the event locations so we had to go to plan b.  For ALL 3 events.  It was crazy to say the least.  I think you have to love adrenaline to plan events, because sometimes things just never happen the way you plan it and you just fly by the seat of your pants!  I was lucky to have some great co-workers there to help figure things out.

One of our plan b set ups!
Daniel made this 3 day 2 night adventure better by sending me updates of the puppies each day.  These two snuggle pups are loving the new Halloween decorations.  When I got home yesterday, all three fur children almost knocked me over with kisses and love!

Luna and Lola missing their mommy!  Lucy was sleeping under the bed.

Last night, Muffin and I went on a nice, quiet date night.  I was so happy to be home and just spend some quality time with him!

Thanks for being patient with me while work has kept me away from the blog!  Stay tuned for updates from our house, vacation, and halloween festivities!

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