Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Musings

Happy Monday everyone!  We had an extremely fun and relaxing weekend and I hope the same was true for you!  Nothing is better than spending time with close friends and my sweet fur children!


On Friday night, we went out to our house to check out the progress.  After thoroughly looking around, we decided to grab some Mexican food.  Our small little town has approximately 3 red lights but two Mexican restaurants.  We like to share the love and go to both, but haven't been to one of them in a few months.  One question: is it sad that one of the highlights of my weekend was finding Ceviche on their menu?  It's not a common dish here in the rural south and I've been dying to have some since we went to Costa Rica last year! 

 It's the perfect summer dish and I've been trying to convince Muffin and/or my Dad to cook it by buying them both this book for Christmas.  I'm hoping finding a restaurant that serves it will get them in the mood to test out some recipes on their willing guinea pig me.


We spent Saturday morning snuggling our sweet puppies and catching up on TV shows.  Muffin and I are currently obsessed with Tyrant on FX.  It has great drama for me and keeps Muff's attention with the subject matter--it's a win-win!

Lucy and Luna sharing sister snuggle time on Saturday morning.
Luna did NOT want me to make the bed!
Saturday afternoon found us outside enjoying the sunshine with the sweet puppies and adult beverages.   We ended the night swimming in the pool and singing at the top of our my lungs!

Lola and her sweet grin!


Sunday was spent at a baby shower for a family friend.  My mother-in-law was the hostess and let me help create the printables for the party.  I had a great time using her color theme of pink, teal, and brown to create a sweet little owl invitation.  Even more fun, was getting to celebrate the new addition!

After a nice, peaceful weekend, it's time to start another busy week!  The framers should make a lot of progress and I can't wait to see how it all looks!


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