Sunday, July 20, 2014

Building Time Lapse Video Week 5

I'm late with this week's time lapse, but with good reason!  On Thursday, I had the pleasure of going to Georgetown for a work trip!  We are planning an event there in September and needed to go check out the venue!

A gorgeous Georgetown sunrise!

There's nothing more exciting than planning an event in a venue as gorgeous as this one!
I spotted a little Scottie/Westie love on the grounds!
While I was gone, the builders were hard at work!  They added the waterproof seal to the basement walls and filled in around them with dirt.  The biggest accomplishment of the week is that they also completed pouring the cement for the floors!

Here's the video:

They will deliver the lumber to start framing on Monday (tomorrow...yipee!).  I think I am most excited about framing because our vision will finally start to take place in a very noticeable way!


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