Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Buying Windows and Exterior Inspiration

I never knew it would be so hard to pick windows for our house!  It is the most frustrating part of building so far.  It's frustrating because it's so darn tedious.  Windows aren't cute or fun.  The process isn't glamorous or exciting.  Nope.  Windows are boring.  There, I said it.

However, it's such an important part of building your home.  The efficiency grade, tint, etc. all have effects on your home's overall energy efficiency and future electric bill.  Additionally, nobody wants an ugly window!  Luckily, Muffin has done tons of research and knows what all of the window salesmen are talking about (I really do appreciate these kind gentlemen explaining everything to me over and over again because everything seems to look the same).

I decided to make make window shopping more fun by making an exterior inspiration board for our house.  I really needed to visualize how all of the ideas we've had for the exterior colors and finishes would come together and how a window (and it's grill style, etc.) would play into this.

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The above is what we are currently thinking for the exterior:  a darker green sage for the entire house with lighter sage in the gables (you can reference our plans here).  The trim and garage doors will be ivory.  I'm debating on if we should paint the door frame sidelights or stain them--I'm leaning towards stain.  I wanted a shingle color that would compliment our stone.  They have hints of grey/green and are reminiscent of driftwood.  Exterior lighting will have a brass/copper finish (and I'm loving the hanging look as shown here).  Lastly, I think we are going with white windows with colonial grills in the front and no grills in the back!

I'm very excited to see everything come together and am glad to have a direction.  Now to get the last of the window quotes in and finalized!  


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