Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Meet Our New Addition

I've been radio silent on the blog for a bit (I know you were all just dying for that salmon recipe...haha...but really I will post it soon). Daniel and I unexpectedly adopted a puppy over the weekend and have been extremely busy getting her acclimated to her new surroundings, and getting the puppies acclimated to their new sibling!

Miss Luna!
Meet Luna Lovegood, or Luna, our newest baby.  She is a rescue that was abandoned with a littermate. When they were found, they were extremely malnourished. We feel extremely thankful that she is alive and well and able to join our little family! Luna is very loving and wants to know where we are at all hours of the day. In fact, Luna is so anxious about where we are that we decided to subcribe to DogTV, a television channel for dogs, to give her something to pay attention to when we aren't in the room (more about DogTV here!). She is approximately 5 months old and they tell us she is a Scottie/Westie Mix!

Luna and the puppies are getting along splendidly! They have even gone swimming together in the pond! We are all adjusting to our new routine, and everyone seems to be doing really well!  Luna will start puppy school at PetSmart next week (Lucy and Lola made it all the way through the Advanced class and are Canine Good Citizens).

Sisters resting after serious play time!

Playing together

Lola and Luna having sister snuggle time
While Muffin and I weren't planning to adopt another fur child, we are both so glad that we happened to go by PetSmart last weekend and find our sweet puppy!

More updates on the house, life, and the perfect Salmon recipe soon!


  1. they are all so sweet together!! i love westies and scottie dogs so much, you have a cute brood!

    1. Thank you! It's been fun having a puppy around! Her energy level matches theirs perfectly!