Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

To change things up a bit, I thought I would talk about my sweet fur children--Lucy and Lola. Our two West Highland White Terriers love to play, dig, and get into mischief.  Their biggest hobby, however, is swimming.  The would swim every single day if they could! Ponds, pools, lakes, oceans these two are game!  When summer rolls around, they can just feel the water temperatures rising and are ready to hit their favorite swimming holes!

Resting in some floats after swimming countless laps.

Lola taking a break.

As you can tell, these two literally swim laps in the pool all day!

Lucy, is particularly fond of fishing for Koi.  I spend many mornings before work coaxing her to come into the house and rinsing mud off of her!

Lucy "hunting" Koi in the pond!

Lucy in her element!

Sorry for the poor image quality on this one--she was hard at work and I had to snap the picture before she knew I was there!

 1. Kyjen Dog Life Jacket // 2. Chuckit! Water Toy // 3. Zuke's Lil' Links Healthy Grain Free Little Sausage Links for Dogs, Rabbit and Apple Recipe // 4. Dog Water Bottle and Travel Bowl Combo // 5. Freezy Pups Kit Dog Treats

I always like to be prepared for our active little puppies and stock up on things I know they will need at the beginning of the summer.  No matter what, I know these two will need life jackets.  While I know that they have superior swimming skills, I also grew up with a dog that would mysteriously forget how to swim in the middle of the pond on the farm and start drowning.  This caused my parents and countless house guest to jump in after him.  I decided early on that investing in life jackets for these two was the way to go for my peace of mind.  Below are some of my puppy essentials to get them through their days of playing and swimming outside ALL. DAY. EVERY. DAY.

Does anyone else have dogs that are this obsessed with the water?  I've never seen or had dogs that love swim this much!  If so, any toys or accessories I should know about?  Lucy and Lola are spoiled rotten and would love it if their mommy got them some new fun things to play with in the pool!


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