Friday, June 13, 2014

Breaking Ground

After months of waiting, planning, and preparing.....WE'VE BROKEN GROUND.
The work on our home has officially started!

Earlier this week, Muffin and I met with our builder to finalize the exact positioning of our house.  This was an important step since our home will sit atop a hill that overlooks a pond on the farm.  We wanted to make sure the angle was perfect to maximize our view.  My parents' house also shares this view, just on a different section of the pond.  I can already envision the outdoor entertaining we will do in our little section of paradise and cannot wait to move in (can we already tell that I am a person who gets a little ahead of myself?).

From there, the graders were free to come in with all sorts of large equipment to begin digging out the basement.
A view of what will one day be a bedroom in our basement!

When we got the word that process started, Muffin went to check things out, and the basement had progressed quickly.  It won't be long until the digging is complete!

I know this blog started at what seems like the beginning, but really a lot has happened since Muffin and I decided to build our forever home.  Over time, I will create posts to update you, and document, each step of the process!


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