Thursday, June 19, 2014

Building Time Lapse Video Week 1

Daniel found a really neat and easy to use time lapse camera online and had the ingenious idea to use it to document construction.

He used a bird house to mount the camera, conceal it, and protect it from weather!  He then set up the bird house on the edge of the cleared portion of our property.  You can't see the pond from this vantage point, but you do get a great view of all that's happening with construction!

The time lapse camera can be found here and the weatherproof case is here.

Week 1 was a learning process since the camera allows you to decide how often you take a photo and what time of day it starts taking pictures and when it stops.  This week, Muffin programmed the camera to take a picture every 30 minutes.  It turned out pretty neat, but for Week 2 we are upping the pictures to every 10 minutes!

So, without further's Week 1:

The first week had some inclement weather and mechanical setbacks, but all in all the graders got lots done!

Week 2 coming soon!


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