Friday, June 5, 2015

Five on Friday

It's we know what that means.  I'm linking up again with all sorts of fun people (AprilKarli AmandaTifAndrea, and Rebecca) for Five on Friday!


I gave up Diet Coke last week and it has seriously been ROUGH.  I'm talking photosensitivity, blinding headaches, and nausea.  How ridiculous is it that a diet soda makes a person feel like this?!  The good news is that I'm on the road to recovery and I might be over the hump!  I've been drinking green tea as a replacement beverage and want to test out this Iced Green Tea Lemonade recipe since the Starbucks version is so yummy.


Today is National Donut Day!  To celebrate, I'm offering a FREE 8x10 printable!  Just CLICK HERE, download and print!  Voila! You have a fun and festive Donut art print!  I mean who doesn't love Donuts (or Sticky Bagels as my sister Georgia called them when she was little)?!


I know Muffin and I are seriously late to the party, but we just started How I Met Your Mother this week and are ADDICTED.  Thank you Netflix for allowing me to catch up on some quality television!



We've been grilling almost every meal lately and I've had an desire to try a grilled dessert...particularly grilled angel food cake.  I keep hearing it is delicious and I really want to try it out.  I scoured Pinterest for a recipe that looks simple and yummy and found this one.  Here's to hoping it works out!


Don't forget to enter in the $140 paypal cash giveaway!  There are only 2 days left!

Happy Friday!


  1. I've been wanting to try grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream!

    Cute printable! Enjoy a sticky bagel!

  2. Such a cute print! Thanks!! And that dessert looks delish! Found your blog through the Friday Favorites link-up :)

  3. My Mom recently gave up Diet Coke too & was getting headaches in beginning too, but now they're much better! That grilled angel food cake looks delicious, I think I may have to make that! Have a great weekend

    Crumbs & Curls

  4. Don't worry about being late to the HIMYM party, my hubby and I were late too. Now we're on the last half of the last season and we're concerned that our TV will no longer play anything else. It is a fabulous show.

    PS I'm checking in from #H54F

  5. How I Met Your Mother is sooo so good! Love the printable, so cute! And I also love 'stick bagels.' That's hilarious.

  6. I used to be addicted to diet coke in college, now I only have it for a special treat lol. In fact, it makes me feel sick now if I drink it more than once a month! Good luck on that :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    Alexis at