Monday, May 4, 2015


This weekend we became foster parents to some adorable lab puppies named Monti and Marlie.  Monti and Marlie are only 2 weeks old and were abandoned (with 6 other litter mates) in a pillowcase by someone's driveway.  I know, what a sob story.  I just couldn't say no (I'm kind of a bleeding heart for animals)!  To learn more about adopting Monti or Marlie  (or any of their siblings) go to Crossroads Animal Rescue!

Our dogs are adjusting to the little ones pretty well.  Lola thinks they are the greatest thing that has ever happened, Lucy thinks she's their mommy and wants to pick them up by their scruff (that, or she's trying to carry them off to see if they are a chipmunk), and Luna is indifferent.

Lola checking things out

In addition to taking in our little foster pups, Muffin and I did some work around our house and visited our town's annual Mayberry Festival.  That's right.  Mayberry.  Our town is so small and quaint it has been dubbed an appropriate location to host an Andy Griffith Festival.  It's the cutest little thing ever.

Another clue that I live in a small town is that we are regulars at the local Mexican restaurant. I'm talking such regulars that giant margaritas just appear at our table.  I was a little shocked (I mean I can't drink this much margarita!) but at the same time flattered that the folks love us enough to remember what we like and take such good care of us!

My final weekend moment is that our breakfast nook table is in!  It used to belong to my parents, and my mother and father-in-law refinished it!  It looks great and I'm excited to start using it!

I'm fueling up on diet coke to get through this week of midnight feedings for these precious little doggies!

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  1. I love it all except the Diet Coke. Get that out of your life... all my love :-) :-) mommy

  2. That table looks incredible, I can't imagine the time and amount of work that they put into that!

    1. Thank you! They did put a lot of TLC into the table. It turned out better than I could've even imagined!

  3. That's so cute and adorable puppies. Thanks for sharing your picture. I also want to have a pet, maybe a small cat or dog like you do.
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