Friday, May 8, 2015

Five on Friday

It's we know what that means.  I'm linking up again with all sorts of fun people (AprilKarli AmandaTifAndrea, and Rebecca) for Five on Friday!


So you know you are an event planner when your family gatherings get this level of attention.  We are hosting a Mother's Day lunch at our house on Sunday and I am seriously excited.  I've got lists upon lists and diagrams galore!  I just can't wait to celebrate all of the amazing women in our lives as the first official party at our new house!


Speaking of mother's day, if you are looking to throw together a last minute shin-dig of your own, don't forget about my free mother's day brunch invitation I shared a few weeks ago.  You can find in in this post.


I finally hung a picture.  Thats right A picture.  I'm normally very decisive and know exactly what I want to do with decor, but lately I've had a hard time committing to hanging things.  I think it's the idea of putting holes in my brand new walls.  I got over that fear this week while Muffin was out of town and I hope it gets the ball rolling!


Here's a little outdoor living inspiration update.  We've gotten a lot done from the vision board I created.  We still need an outdoor rug, bar cart, and some accessories, but I'm excited about our progress.  I've really been enjoying my time out on the porch and love listening to the bullfrogs singing at the pond in the evenings.  I know I originally said I didn't want any chairs, but Muffin and I just kept thinking something was missing.  When we saw these white wicker chairs we knew they were the perfect addition to the porch.


Last, but certainly not least, my heart is heavy today for a family that means so much to us:  The Tannerys.  We are so sad at the loss of sweet Lachlan, and I urge all of you to visit the Lachlan Macintosh Tannery Foundation to learn more about this amazingly strong family and to make a donation today in his memory.  In addition to supporting the foundation, please be sure to visit Be The Match and sign up to be a bone marrow donor.  


  1. The stone work on the fireplaces is amazing, I love the style of your home! Have a wonderful weekend!

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