Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Halloween Murder Mystery Party

Over the weekend Muffin and I hosted a Murder Mystery Party at our house.  My sister Anne is moving to Nashville this week and and we wanted to celebrate her last official weekend at home with a memorable night.  The theme was tons of fun and was probably one of my favorite parties to date!  Below are some pictures of the decor--it was so fun putting everything together!

These centerpieces were SO easy!  Just old wine bottles and "Bag of Bones" found at tons of local stores or online HERE.

If you are looking for a fun party theme for Halloween this year, I definitely recommend a Murder Mystery.  It was interactive, interesting,  and just all around silly fun.  We used Shot in the Dark Mysteries for the storyline and I can't say enough great things about them.  Their customer service was incredible!  Plus, it was great that the hosts of the party get to participate as well (not all murder mysteries do this!).

Even bigger bonus to throwing the party--my house is now completely decorated for my favorite holiday!  Score!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


  1. LOVE THIS IDEA! I'm checking the site out!

  2. so fun and you decorated it so cool!! love it!! Happy October :)

  3. That looks like so much fun! We did one of these years ago when my husband was in the marines and it was such a blast, I need to do this again! Have a great weekend!

  4. Murder mystery nights at house really awesome and horrible and also scary. For me I don’t think we should not do it in home though children will afraid about it.

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