Monday, April 6, 2015

Moving In

Muffin and I spent most of our Easter weekend moving into the house!!! It was exciting, but also a serious challenge since Daniel broke his right big toe (you might remember me mentioning this in the recap of our trip to Charleston last week).
Muffin's X-Ray.  The diagonal line is the break.
Saying he broke his toe doesn't really do the situation any justice--it's more like a broken foot.  He has what they call a "clean break" so the bone is completely detached and could require a pin if it shifts at all.  He's in a lot of pain and is trying to be a good patient, but it's hard when you are moving into a new house!

Now on to the fun part...the house!

On Friday night, my parents started dropping off furniture that they've been keeping for us at the store.  For those who don't know, my dad owns an amazing furniture store called Wisbrook Furnishings.  All of our furniture is from his store and he has a great selection.  He can special order from lots of lines and his pricing his extremely competitive with other stores that sell the same brands (ok end plug...but really...check him out).

Lola thought she would check out mommy's new chairs.  
I won't bore you with the play by play of moving on Saturday and Sunday, but here are some pictures that sum it all up!

Check out Daniel's cute ortho shoe.  
Dining table hanging out in the front yard. 

Dogs hanging out on the porch while we work.
 And here is the finish product on Sunday night:

The little blue and white Dutch Canal Houses were a gift my family gave to my grandmother.  Love to see them here in my kitchen now to remind me of her.
Cooking my first meal in the kitchen.

We also had a lovely Easter lunch with my family that I didn't take pictures of and wish I did.  I am excited to be moving in and getting settled in the house!  I hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend!

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  1. I'm visiting from the link up! Your home is gorgeous that fireplace area is amazing and I love your cabinets! So glad I clicked on your link, can't wait to read through some more of your home posts. Have a great Monday! :)

  2. Glad yall are moving in. Your home looks beautiful! I really will have to check out that store. Is it in Westminster?

  3. love your furniture! I bet you get great deals too :)

    your pups are just adorable!