Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Daniel and I moved into the house and then immediately set off to the Isle of Palms/Charleston for a weekend of fun with my mom's side of the family.  Each year some crazy athletic members of the family partake in the annual Cooper River Bridge run.  The rest of us join in on the festivities as drivers and moral support.  Here are some photos that sum up our weekend!  Enjoy!

First night sleeping in the Master on Thursday.  Then it was off to the Isle of Palms!
Saturday morning view of the Battery. 
Starfish on Isle of Palms. 
Dinner at Fulton Five 
My sister Georgia's sweet boyfriend Spencer joined us even though she's studying abroad in Paris.
One of the amazing food courses. 

Anne and Christian 
Snuggle time!
Snuggle time!
When we got home, I noticed that our tulips are about to bloom!
Daniel broke his toe while we were gone, so moving will be a little slow for a bit.  That's ok, it gives me plenty of time to decide where everything goes :)

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  1. your tulips are blooming I am jealous! And your bedroom looks so beautiful!