Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend in Higlands

Muffin and I had a great time celebrating our anniversary in Highlands, NC.  It is the cutest mountain town and is perfect to visit in my favorite season!  There are colored leaves and pumpkins everywhere!

We stayed at a cute inn on main street aptly named The Main Street Inn.  It's a historic building and was so cute with outdoor fire pits and seating.  It was also next door to the Mountaintop Wine Shoppe which we LOVED!

The first night, Daniel and I decided to eat at one of our favorite restaurants in down town--Wild Thyme.  Muffin got bacon wrapped quail while I got panko and mustard crusted lamb with a cherry reduction glaze.  Talk about a food coma!  Since we were celebrating our anniversary, they brought us a bourbon and butterscotch pudding which was very decadent.  This diabetic could only eat so much!  

The table next to us was definitely some free entertainment.  Our neighbors were two couples out for a night in highlands.  They had a 45 minute discussion about how Christmas Morning is supposed to be.  That conversation ultimately ended in tears.  I love Daniel's ability to laugh with me at the crazy situations we are in all the time :)

Daniel's face about our neighbors :)
The next day we woke up bright and early--I'm talking 6am.  Our body clocks just don't let us sleep as late as we would like to!  We decided to make use of our time and get the day going early.  Our first stop was Reclamations, a reclaimed lumber and antiques warehouse shop just outside of town.  They had some really neat things including barn wood from locations near our future home.  We got a really great candle holder for our dining room table and can't wait to go back to get some of their other great finds.

After shopping at Reclamations, we went out to lunch at Cyprus.  Their lunch set up was really fun--3 different food stations and then a bar of sides from around the world.  We also had a great bottle of rosé with our eclectic lunches.  We ate out on the terrace so we could enjoy the day.

After lunch, we shopped 'til we dropped!  We got some fun items for the puppies, custom made spices, a few things from the gourmet shop, some halloween decorations, AND muffin got a new pair of shades!  We wrapped up our shopping trip with a glass of wine in the Wine Garden at Old Edwards Inn.  They were decorated for Oktoberfest and had some great entertainment!

Looking cute in his new shades!

Later, we decided to head over to the Mountaintop Wine Shoppe for their Saturday Night Wine Flight.  We cozied up to the fire with a cheese plate and started our flight.  The Wine Shoppe was so wonderful and we will definitely be back (maybe for the Pinot Noir Master Class that is coming up!)

Dinner at Paoletti's was our final stop!  We saved our favorite restaurant for last and it was worth it!  They have the best food and wine!  I got a lobster while Daniel had eggplant lasagna.  They brought us some amazing dark chocolate truffles to celebrate our anniversary and we ended our meal with espresso and peach bread pudding (with pistachio gelato)!  

When we got home, the puppies were excited to see us!  We were attacked with kisses and snuggles and it might have been my favorite part of the weekend :)  

We bought them some Himalayan Dog Treats in highlands and they LOVED them!  I will definitely buy them again.

We had a great anniversary weekend!  I'm so relaxed and ready for the week!

Hope you had a relaxing weekend as well.

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