Tuesday, October 28, 2014

California Part 3: The Redwoods and Morgan's Wedding

It's the final edition of the recap of our California Trip!

Once we left Sonoma, it was time to head to the Redwoods and MORGAN's WEDDING!!!!  On the way, I begged politely asked Daniel to stop at a Drive-Thru Tree for me!  We took a few wrong turns (I really do need to figure that whole left vs. right thing) but got there in one piece.  Daniel drove through it the first time, but the second time was all me.  I was terrified to hit the sides since there were only a few inches of clearance on each side!

A car driving through the tree.

Once we got to our hotel, it was time for the first night of Morgan and Angus's wedding festivities.  Unfortunately, I was terrible and didn't take pictures of the first night.  It was gorgeous!  They had a bonfire in the redwoods complete with a delicious food truck!  

The next day (aka the WEDDING DAY), Muffin and I woke up and decided to drive through the Avenue of the Giants.  It was insanely beautiful.  The trees are indescribable.  One of my favorite parts of the "Avenue" were the roadside stands.  The below picture is a truck made from the trunk of a Redwood.

After our drive, it was time to go get Morgan ready.  I may or may not have been a weepy mess the entire wedding day.  Morgan and I have been friends since High School and it is just so crazy that we are both married now.  I remember being in our dorm room watching marathons of The OC and figuring out ways to sneak off the campus of our boarding school so we could see a movie.  It doesn't seem like so much time has passed, but I feel lucky to have her as my friend through so many phases of life.

Next, it was wedding time.  It was the. most. gorgeous. venue!  The Redwoods feel so humbling and spiritual.  Her wedding had a sense of magic, and Morgan and Angus began their life together in such a special place!

A print given to Morgan from our friend Olivia.  It's even more special because it was inspired by her engagement pictures.

You can really see the beauty of the trees here.

The sunshine broke through the trees during their vows.  Yep, it made me cry.

Face painting during the reception.
And just like that, it was time to head home.  We had the best time exploring different parts of California, but most importantly, celebrating a special life moment with some of the most amazing people I know!


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