Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

Our Halloween started out scary, and not in a good way!  A snake bit our sweet Luna and we ended up spending a large portion of the day at the doggie doctor.  The vet originally thought Luna was going to need to spend the night at the office so she could have surgery early in the morning.  When we got the call that no surgery was needed and our sweet girl could come home, I was over the moon!

Sweet Luna.  Her neck was swollen to the size of a softball :(
Daniel and I decided to bring her to my dad's store for our original Halloween plans, but to let her skip the costume and sleep in the back.  She was supposed to be The Cat in the Hat while her sisters were Thing 1 and Thing 2.   As if refusing to fully get dressed up without their sister, Lucy and Lola would not wear the blue wigs that completed their costumes!

The "things" looking so cute!
The lines for our town's annual "Boo on Main" were extremely long this year!  We went 30-45 minutes longer than the scheduled end time and I loved getting to see all of the creative costumes.  I think my mom's, however, was the best!  She was a Dia de Muerto sugar skull!

Ravenclaw and Dia de Muerto skull
After all of the excitement of the day, I was too worn out to do much celebrating once Boo on Main was over.  We just grabbed some pizzas, watched movies, and got Lola to finally wear her wig.

Since Halloween was a little "off" this year, I thought we could extend the celebration through Saturday.  Jack-O-Lantern Mimosas were a great way to kick-off our Saturday.  I also did a little baking, but mostly we relaxed with our sweet baby dogs.  I think I just needed extra snuggles after being so terrified by Luna's bite!

Now that Halloween is over, I'm in full on fall mode. The weather is getting crisp and the leaves are gorgeous.  The below picture is what fall looks like in our future backyard!

I hope everyone had a great weekend filled with beautiful days like we are having. 

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